Conference on the importance of culture in urban development

The conference aims to critically examine the current interests, relations, disputes and open questions about the importance of culture and its position in the context of contemporary European city.

The aim of the conference is to contribute to the debate on the future of Europe through examination of benefits of cultural planning and development of cultural policy on municipal and regional level for sustainability and development.

Currently, we speak often about creativity. Few years ago, we spoke about the need of cultural dialogue, and even earlier about the importance of promoting cultural diversity. Language, titles and definitions alter in different periods. However, the unifying and common denominator remains and it is the common awareness of effort to achieve the system change in the perception of culture and its importance in regions and cities. It might be a crucial component in sustainable development of conurbations and entire regions.

European cities, including Bratislava, fight global, economic and social problems with the local means. Many of them consistently attempt to compete to gain attention, sources, funds, tourism etc. Other cities coordinated their efforts to create a new story rising from the ruined ideas of limitless economic growth, materialism, consumerism and competition. Gottfried Wagner, director of the European Cultural Foundation form the Netherlands, said: “If we don’t start to work creatively together, we’ll compete till death.“

We invite the speakers who are theorists, cultural managers, cultural policy makers, artists and regional politicians from cities as Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Brno, Plzen, Ljubljana, Tallinn, Kosice etc. to assess the examples of the city transformation resulting from the thorough cultural dialogue and planning.

We focus on issue that may be of a great importance for the development of the city of Bratislava, such as:

  • Is it possible to achieve sustainability of cultural resources in longer term?
  • Is it possible to ensure just and equal opportunities for everyone to be involved in cultural creation?
  • How can we achieve real respect towards cultural diversity preserving the actual identity?
  • How to adopt the economical, social, ecological and cultural systems to achieve synergic and sustainable urban development?

NGO Fund as a part of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014 funded the project “Partnership for creative Bratislava” with the amount of 44.316 EUR. The fund’s administrator is the Open Society Foundation. The goal of the project “Partnership for creative Bratislava” is to initiate the creation and implementation of the necessary tools in the cultural politics of the city and the region by a series of bottom-up prepared and implemented activities in the cooperation with the city and in the context of the current discussion on the creative economy and the articulation of cultural significance of NGOs in the region.